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Manifesto for Lifelong Education

Manifesto for Lifelong Education

This general election is a watershed moment for the UK's skills agenda. The Lifelong Education Institute believes that solving the UK's skills challenges means addressing them in a holistic way. The path to prosperity requires an education system that puts people first, allowing everyone to become a learner at any stage of life. Raising productivity depends on a well-trained workforce that has opportunities to reskill and upskill throughout the course of their careers. And growth will only return to every left-behind place across the UK by tapping into the talent and potential of all of its residents.

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5 June 2024
Key recommendations include:

The manifesto makes a number of key recommendations for policy changes that affect each of the three key stakeholders in the bid to boost the UK’s knowledge and capabilities: government, business, and education providers. These include:

  • Implement the Lifelong Learning Entitlement by 2026, and develop it into a co-investment system for lifelong learning that combines contributions from learners, businesses, and government.

  • Create a digital individual learner account, and introduce Lifelong Learning Pathways for all subjects at levels 1–8.

  • Expand the apprenticeship levy into a lifelong learning levy, and introduce a skills tax credit for businesses in strategic sectors.

  • Create an Institute for British Productivity to oversee Regional Skills Improvement Plans, with business, trade union, education provider, learner, and community representatives.

  • Revise the UK’s industrial strategy to prioritise each region’s comparative advantage, strategic/legacy, and future growth sectors.

  • Create regional Skills Observatories to identify skills gaps and skills matching opportunities.

  • Introduce high-density business Skills and Innovation Hub clusters, and Skills Academies to foster curriculum co-design and industry-expert teaching.

  • Create a Minister for Lifelong Learning with cross-departmental responsibilities in education, business, and innovation.

  • Mandate businesses to introduce a senior role responsible for workforce development and upskilling.

  • Mandate universities to create a Department of Lifelong Learning in collaboration with local post-16 education providers.

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