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UK General Election 2024: What can we expect for lifelong learning?

June 2024

This thinkpiece examines the 2024 election manifestos put out by the Conservative, Labour, and Liberal Democrat parties ahead of the General Election on 4 July.

Image by Russ Ward

Manifesto for Lifelong Education

June 2024

This general election is a watershed moment for the UK’s skills agenda. The Lifelong Education Institute believes that solving the UK’s skills challenges means addressing them in a holistic way. This manifesto sets out the LEI’s recommendations for sound, pragmatic, visionary policies that will transform the UK’s education and skills landscape, and put the country on the path back to growth.

Image by Russ Ward

Lifelong Learning Pathways for Music and the Arts

May 2024

Recognising their profound impact of Music and the Arts on personal development, cultural enrichment, and societal well-being.

Image by Russ Ward

Health Education: Access for All

April 2024

This thinkpiece explores the significance of clearer and more accessible health education in the UK for the development of a healthier, more informed nation.

Image by Russ Ward
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