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Financial Literacy and Life Skills

Financial literacy is a cornerstone of personal empowerment and societal progress. From budgeting and saving, to investing and retirement planning, financial literacy is a key life skill that can empower people to make more informed decisions about their money. The Lifelong Education Institute (LEI) put together an online panel event to discuss ‘Financial Literacy and Life Skills’ and explore their true societal and economic contributions. Considering topics such as curriculum integration, inclusive workplace programmes, lifelong learning and career guidance, we will actively discuss what new types of policy thinking are needed in the UK.


  • Kerim Derhalli, Founder & CEO, INVSTR

  • Jenny Pelling, Director of Apprenticeship Development and Diversity, Kaplan

  • Tanya Tracey, CEO, GAIN (Girls Are Investors)

  • Andy Forbes, Head of Development, Lifelong Education Institute (Moderator)

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