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West Suffolk College

West Suffolk College

At West Suffolk College we make excellence a habit. What sets us apart is our undying commitment to support our community to grow, prosper and succeed. At the centre of our work is the value we place on putting our students at the heart of everything we do. A core part of this is to create fully engaged citizens. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to achieve this. Qualifications, experience and skills are part of a bigger picture. Cultivating qualities such as resilience and optimism also play a huge role – equipping our students with the ability to make long-lasting contributions to society.

We have access to global knowledge with leading national and international partnerships. Our varied, innovative courses are shaped by employers; with employment in mind. We give our students real-world opportunities to flourish and help build the local and global economies of the future.

West Suffolk College is part of a family – the Eastern Colleges Group – that includes Abbeygate Sixth Form College and One Sixth Form College that offer extensive A-Level and diploma programmes too. This partnership gives us unique opportunities to collaborate and work together towards one goal – to make people’s lives better.

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