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Dr Marius Ostrowski

Executive Director

Dr Marius S. Ostrowski is a social scientist, political philosopher, and historian, leading policy research development for ResPublica’s Lifelong Education Commission. He joined ResPublica in 2022 from the European University Institute, Florence, where he has been uncovering ‘roads not taken’ in the evolution of the ‘European project’. Before that, he spent 13 years at the University of Oxford, most recently as an Examination Fellow at All Souls College, during which time he wrote a doctorate on the social theory of public opinion and worked as a policy researcher in Parliament.

Marius’s policy interests range widely, covering devolution and local empowerment, levelling up skills and productivity, UK–EU geostrategic relations, integrating academic and vocational learning, and new ‘progressive–conservative’ polarisations in society. He is the author of Ideology (2022) and Left Unity: Manifesto for a Progressive Alliance (2020), and he has published journal articles, press contributions, reports, and book chapters on topics such as Scottish independence, the theory and history of social democracy, progressive patriotism, democratic resilience, and a Universal Basic Income.

Image by Julien Riedel
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