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Weston College

Weston College is one of the UK's leading Colleges which has a real focus on lifelong learning across all aspects of delivery. The College has grown exponentially without merger from a turnover of some £8 million to over £70 million and delivers across the United Kingdom including Prison Education in both South East and South West, Apprenticeships, 16 to 19 learning and Adult Education which also includes a University Centre and an Institute of Technology. Under the leadership of Dr Paul Phillips, CBE it has been on a journey of transformation with inclusivity of learning at its heart and leads Centres of Excellence for both SEND and Mathematics. Colleges and Universities have travelled far and wide to experience the ethos that is so unique at Weston including China, Vienna, Germany to mention but a few. The mission of the organisation is " Creating Brighter Futures " and as an organisation it focuses on " Careers not Courses " thus enabling learners from all walks of life to experience a diversity of learning opportunities. The innovation jumps out from each of its many centres which include boot camps in logistics, a bespoke health and active learning centre and technology that is state of the art in a College that is Microsoft accredited and support services that specialise in mental health and wellbeing.

As a College clearly at the forefront of learning in particular solutions for everyone the Principal Dr Paul as he is known in the sector undertakes many speaking assignments most latterly in the opportunities for sustainability at a national level and also creating colleges founded on inclusivity. The work with the international community has gained awards in Europe and Dr Paul was awarded the Pearson 2020 Award for lifetime achievement in Education. Weston College is a catalyst for change with one singular focus - the learner at its heart.

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