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Staffordshire University

Staffordshire University

Staffordshire University is modern, digital, technologically savvy and a disruptor. We have transformed ourselves over the last five years and are aiming to be the UK’s foremost digital higher education institution by 2030 and will lead the sector in hyper-personalised learning that will prepare students for the jobs that don’t yet exist.

As the Connected University with a strong sense of strategic direction and purpose, we are embedded within the communities we serve and underpinned by our heritage, roots and commitment to life chances for all. We are recognised for our intellectual contribution to the local and regional creative/digital and foundational economies through our approach to education, research (with enterprise, innovation and impact), and professional practice.

We have signed up to the Civic University Agreement, pledging to play a leading role in improving the regional economy and enhancing quality of life in local communities. As a signatory to the Social Mobility Pledge, we are also one of a pioneering group aiming to set a new and higher standard on boosting social mobility in Britain.

Our University was founded on a commitment to lifelong learning and it remains a cornerstone today. For example, we are leading the way on increasing the flexibility of HE provision to both reskill and upskill our community through the use of microcredentials and other bitesize learning opportunities. Through the Lifelong Learning Commission, therefore, we are looking forward to making a significant contribution to future policy in this area to ensure the national ambition matches our own.

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