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Oldham College

Oldham College is a technical college in Greater Manchester. It delivers the full range of post-16 learning opportunities for adults, from entry level through to degrees, including study programmes, adult courses, apprenticeships, a significant high needs provision, and a university centre. It has won a number of recent awards, including the Princess Royal Training Award for its knowledge based technical teaching programme, Great Place to Work accreditation, two final nominations for the TES national awards, a finalist in the Association of Colleges learner of the year, a variety of awards for its special needs provision, and has just been named as Edufuturists FE College of the Year 2021. It has a number of innovative partnerships with employers, and is an active member of the Greater Manchester Colleges Group, which is working with Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce to improve the skills system in the city region. It has invested over £45m in its campus since 2014 and has specialist facilities in digital, health and lifesciences, construction, early years and business. As an anchor institution in a post-industrial town, with a traditionally low skill, low wage economy, the College ambition is to be the place where “learning works and skills pay” and to play a central role in generating wealth and distributing its benefits to all communities. The College is very enthusiastic about joining the Lifelong Learning Commission, as it believes the close collaboration between practitioners and policy-makers is key to improving provision and securing better outcomes for the people and places who are have previously been “left behind”.

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