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Harper-Adams University

Harper-Adams University

Harper Adams University delivers higher education in support of the agricultural, agricultural engineering, food science and technology, environmental science, veterinary science and land-based sectors. Founded in 1901, it is one of only five UK HE institutions specialising in these subject areas. Set on a 635 hectare farm, the University offers multi-disciplinary courses that provide a firm grounding in science and technology to meet the needs of industry, and to help create professionals able to deal with the application of science in the production of food, the management of natural resources, the welfare and care of animals and the delivery of sustainable environments.

The University provides independent knowledge, advice and education to those already working in these vital sectors and it undertakes applied research and technology development of benefit to industry and society. Furthermore, it has a key role to play in the rapidly developing policy environment, where its subject base is of increasing significance to the UK economy in the post-EU and post-Covid-19 era, to tackling the challenge of climate change and to achieving global food security.

Lifelong learning is a key feature of the University’s work – from supporting students into higher education through foundation programmes and outreach activities, to the inclusion of sandwich placements on all of our undergraduate courses and to delivering education and training to industry professionals in agriculture, veterinary science and environmental and land management. As a result of this approach we have strong connections with industry that support our lifelong learning ambitions.

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