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GuildHE is an official voice for UK higher education, especially for smaller and specialist universities and colleges with a tradition of learning, research and innovation in industries, crafts and professions.

GuildHE members work closely with employers and include major providers in technical and professional subject areas such as art, design, fashion and media, music and the performing arts; agriculture, food and the natural environment; the built environment; education; law; finance; management; health and sports.

GuildHE is a long-standing advocate for policy reforms to support lifelong learning, including credit-based loan funding; the re-introduction of maintenance grants; a different, more equitable, funding model for part-time higher education; reforms to the apprenticeship levy to allow employers greater choice to fund the qualifications their businesses need; and a more joined-up post-18 education and skills system where similar qualifications have broadly similar incentives to avoid distorting the choices made by students and employers.

We strongly believe that Government must avoid the trap of equating higher education with “academic”, and thinking technical and vocational education are only available through other routes. Higher education has always provided high-level technical and professional degrees, valued by employers and often validated by professional bodies. GuildHE member institutions have teaching staff that are often industry professionals and close relationships with the industries they serve. If the problem is the skills needs of the new economy, institutions like ours are part of the solution.

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