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Collab Group

Collab Group is a UK wide membership body made up of larger FE colleges and college groups. It performs several functions on behalf of its, namely campaigning on and influencing education and skills policy to better support the FE sector. Furthermore, Collab Group works to help facilitate the sharing of practice between its members and offers a range of targeted leadership programmes to help identify and nurture the next generation of talent within the FE sector. Finally, Collab Group offers a range of commercial services to help businesses identify and manage their training requirements and apprenticeships. Collab Group’s commercial team also works with external partners to help bring new expertise and insight into the sector.

Collab Group is committed to demonstrating the value demonstrate the value the of FE sector’s contribution to adult education in the UK. Much of its recent work has focussed on Level 4-5 Higher Technical Education. These are a historically under-regarded section of qualifications that have been earmarked by the Government as vital to delivering the skills lacking in the economy at present. These qualifications are particularly suited to learners who are returning to education and Collab Group is working to demonstrate how its colleges are best placed to deliver these with this demographic in mind. Collab Group is also working with its members to support the implementation of the lifelong learning entitlement to ensure opportunities for adult education are even and fairly distributed across the UK.

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